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Insta-Sunday #1 - 22/09/2013
By Vivica at 2013-09-22 06:47

skateboard city

Blunt Fakie Pull Out at Jubilee Skatepark (Guernsey).

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Ride It Sculpture Park - Phase 2
By Vivica at 2013-09-21 10:58

skateboard cityI've been fascinated for years about the fate of Detroit... Motor City. As somebody who works in finance, and has a great love of cars (admittedly less so American cars!) i find it absolutely amazing that in well under 50 years city can go from nothing, to the automotive capital of America, and back to nothing.

For those unaware, in the years that the auto industry in Detroit was at its height thousands of people began to leave the city to live in the suburbs, and then in the years up to the collapse and bankruptcy of General Motors in 2009 (and more so since then), Detroit has been overstretched and mismanaged, and as a result thousands morepeople have left the city. This has left hundreds of buildings deserted, from houses to libraries.

Now as a skateboarder, i see things a certain way, hopefully the same way you see things - to me an empty building isn't all bad - it's an opportunity!

We're Now on Instagram... Because why not?
By Vivica at 2013-08-09 16:31

Hey guys, follow SBC on Instagram.
Will be posting photo's from my local spots as well as user submitted photo's in due course.

Get involved.


September 2012 MOTM - WhiteTrash
By Gunz at 2013-03-08 16:38

Great to finally get your 2nd MOTM done. Fuckin slackers. What’s your name?

Tommy Lee

You're so damn lucky. I would have kissed my parents asses so hard if I got named after one of the sickest drummers ever.

I kind of wish they knew they were doing it but nonetheless I am happy with the outcome and by coincidence Motley Crue become one of my favorite bands.

Yeah I figured. Let’s get a few boring shits outta the way 1st then I'll bring the hXc stuff.

Story of my life.

How long have you been skating for?

February 2013 MOTM - Popwar Pill
By crailtap at 2013-03-08 08:01

Alright, so we'll start with the basics; name, age, and where you're from.


How is it in Iowa?

It's alright; the weather goes from one extreme to the next though. It'll be in the negatives during the winter and then in the high 90's to 100's. Worst part is all the humidity though, feels like a swamp outside from late June until August

I know all about that, except for the negative temperature part. You live there by choice or living with relatives?

I was born in the same town I live in, only reason I'm still hanging around is cause my dad passed away from cancer December 18th 2011, so now it's just my mom and I and I just think it's too soon just to leave her in an empty house.

Dwindle Wood Review
By CrailFish at 2013-02-18 17:15

Companies Under Dwindle Distribution
- Darkstar
- Almost
- Blind
- Speed Demons
- Cliche
- Enjoi
- Superior

All Dwindle Distribution decks are made in China at DSM Workshop.

(This is the deck I had.)

Now on to the review...



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